Setting New Standards in Demeanor and Dress

Linda Allan helps organizations set new standards in business etiquette and dress so they can refine their behaviours in business and win in the marketplace.  We are dedicated to advancing respectful conduct at work. 

Manners, poise, and class count.  Whether you're in a meeting, at a desk, handling email, visiting clients, traveling, working a room, entertaining or dining for business, how you and your team behave and dress impact your company's brand image and, ultimately, its level of success. 

Linda Allan - Not Your Average Image and Etiquette Expert

There's more to being in this business than taking the 5-day training at a protocol school, more to being a consultant than selling, and much more to being a trainer than delivering courses.  More is what has always differentiated us… enabling us to exceed expectations every time. 

A quick review of our capabilities and services will give you confidence that we have the expertise you have every right to expect from your provider.

We offer comprehensive services anchored by deep corporate experience, unmatched capability, and significant credentials that are recognized around the world.  All of this uniquely positions us to handle a broad spectrum of services on behaviours in the workplace and dress, whether at the team, individual or organizational level.   


Canaccord Wealth Management 
We are the gold standard in independent financial services and take great pride in offering our advisors the best professional development… When it came to a program on business behaviours, we wanted the best.  Linda has an intuitive understanding of client service excellence and goes beyond off-the-shelf training… gave us all the comfort we needed… persistent attention to detail, unwavering commitment, and enthusiasm… Read full

Rena Pittao
Vice President, Professional Development

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